Rewind.           Reform.            Reset.        

Successfully reset your relationship with food, through researched, bespoke nutrition advice.

As a registered dietitian, I specialise in weight management and wellbeing, IBS and food intolerances.  We’ll work together to successfully build a realistic, achievable customised plan, to achieve your goals.  I’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to positively change your mindset and motivation towards food and your health.   


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Emer is fully trained in the low FODMAP approach and will help you ease your painful symptoms. Her recent cook book ‘IBS? Recipes For Success’ is full of delicious simple meals designed to ease the pain.

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Weight Loss

Emer provides bespoke prescriptive plans that are nutritionally balanced helping you lose weight effectively. She also offers a prescribed supervised meal replacement plan for those with extremely busy lifestyles helping to kick start weight loss.

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Gut Recovery

Whether you’re getting ready for  or recovering from gut surgery,  Emer’s expert knowledge will ensure your diet is optimised to promote long term health.  She 

BBC Rip Off Food

Low FODMAP Cook Book

Emer advises on  BBC 1’s Rip Off Food to help consumers understand the ‘Five-A-Day’ Campaign.

Balanced, healthy meals bursting with flavour. Emer's book will help you navigate the low FODMAP diet with ease.