I have been trying to lose weight for many, many years and contact Emer via a lose weight, website link from my doctors’ website.

I have found her advice to be straight-forward, easy to follow and most of all it works!!

I have now lost 2.5 stones with around another 7 to 8 pounds to go to reach my target. Yes, the diet is prescriptive, you need to make the effort to follow her advice change / learn new habits, however, if you want to lose weight then you’ve reached the point that something needs to change.

I would definitely recommend Emer, her advice has changed the way I look at my food choices, how I prepare food, and has also encouraged me to make other healthier lifestyle choices re exercise as well.
Age 54.
Emer is very approachable and has a wide understanding of nutrition and weight loss and is very good at applying her wide knowledge and at tailoring it to your bespoke needs to achieve your weight loss goals.

I really thought it would be very difficult for me to lose weight without suffering, but with her approach and encouragement to be active and do exercise it was much easier than I thought and, most importantly, I did not suffer any hunger. With Emer’s approach I lost 8 kg and – at the same time- I do now understand “how (much) to eat” and I also managed to introduce new ways of eating (with some delicious recipes) which I will be using going forward. I am very grateful to Emer for this, thank you!
Age 53.
I am down 4kg and 2.5inch in the waist from when we started. My wife said she lost 2.5kg so far. This week we’re focusing on making the food in bulk and freezing it. It’s been great so far, thank you.
London, England.
Sensible, realistic and friendly as well as professional and with some great ideas! Emer has helped me work towards my goals multiple times.
London, England.
Amazing work, Emer you’ve helped my lose 8kg in the first 4 weeks of seeing you! I didn’t think I could do it, but your plans are amazing! I’m so happy. Thank you!
London, England.
Amazing! Avoiding those high FODMAP foods is starting to make a difference Emer. It’s brilliant! I’m starting to feel like my old self again after years of bloating and gas.
London, England.
I had a great experience with Emer. She made me feel very comfortable and her advice following our consultation helped immensely!
Manchester, England.
I found the low FODMAP difficult that’s for sure, but it really did help. You were right Emer, preparation and planning really is really important and I couldn’t have done it without your help. Thank you.
Derry, Ireland.
Emer, I can’t tell you how much you’ve helped with my IBS. I’m starting to feel normal again and I’m enjoying food.
Galway, Ireland.